Welcome to ChargedforLife™

ChargedforLife is the leading developer and manufacturer of the ionized and HHO charged water drinking system for better health, a sharper mind and improved well-being... all from the comfort of your own home. The result of years of research and development, one ChargedforLife system automatically and efficiently produces enough fresh, clean, charged water for up to 5 years of use! It has an incredible number of uses and applications (view testimonials), with the most powerful grouped into...

Produces more stable oxygen, increasing mental alertness and energizing the body.
Produces antioxidants at a higher density than any food or nutritional supplement.
Removes harmful bacteria from digestive tract and aids in cellular metabolism.
Increases the alkalinity of household water by over 10%, boosting the immune system.
Increases the body's hydration rate by over 6-fold, aiding all cellular functions.
Charged for Life System

The ChargedforLife system won best new invention at the 2009 HHO Games, in Bradenton FL. The water it produces has been likened to Japanese 'Kangen' type water as well as 'Wunderwasser' from Nordenau Germany and water from Lourdes France. Each system is long-lasting, durable and trouble-free and competes successfully with Japanese and Korean systems that are ten times more costly and orders of magnitude more complex.

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