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The New ChargedforLife™ Bath Charger with healing bubbles!

The perfect complement to our drinking water system, heal your entire body while you take a bath!

For a limited time, only $99.00!

In the latest breakthrough product from the Lang Brothers, feel water's healing energy as it enters the body via its largest organ, the skin. Relax and enjoy as you use water as a delivery and healing system! The ChargedforLife Bath Charger creates healing bubbles that improve your health because they transport energy to the skin's surface for easy cell absorption. Hence, (yes hence!) your tub is a spa!

Charged for Life Bath Charger

Through a proprietary charging and delivery mechanism, the ChargedforLife Bath Charger brings the incredible healing powers of elecrolyzed water and Brown's Gas direct to the comfort of your own bath!

ChargedforLife Bath Charger Ten R's

1) Removes Chlorine and Flouride
2) Relaxes Muscles
3) Restores Flexibility
4) Resets Muscles
5) Resolves Joint Friction
6) Reduces Arthritis and Sciatic Pain
7) Rejuvenates Skin and Shrinks Pores
8) Replaces Antioxidants via Absorption
9) Releases Toxins in Pores and Fat Cells
10) Relieves & Soothes Minor Skin Irritations


Our water charging device employs a safe 12 volt power supply to liberate hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water (you charge the water for ~20 min before you step into the bath -- it's perfectly safe to bathe with the unit but it's not recommended as the bubbles need to sufficiently diffuse across the entire bath). Healing bubbles, containing Brown's Gas, The Antioxidant (H-) and an effective skin cleaner (O-) are produced and are observed rising in the water column during charging (see diagram to the right).

The healing bubbles disappear from sight but remain in the water. Their negative charge both attracts them to the skin surface -- for easy absorption -- and causes their entrapment by the more numerous positive water molecules.

The ChargedforLife Bath Spa generates Brown's Gas which relieves arthritis pain, antioxidants which prevent cell death and oxidizing compounds that rejuvenate and restore your skin by cleaning pores from the inside out. Through electrolysis bath water is purified, restructured and energized:

PURIFY: Chemical reactions remove Chlorine & Fluoride from bath water.
RESTRUCTURE: When waters' molecular hydrogen and oxygen are disassembled they change from diatomic (H402) to monatomic (H20). Simultaneously one of the (H+) molecules acquires a negative charge from the Cathode. This changes it to the antioxidant (H-) . Two monatomic oxidizing molecules are formed at the Anode.
ENERGIZE: Water's components -- neutrons, electrons, protons and molecules -- disperse when the covalent bond breaks and recombine in a unique form of healing energy plasma called Brown's Gas.

Combined, the bath spa creates a rejuvenating and recuperating energy like no other!

Healing Bubble Column


Each ChargedforLife Bath Charger is made from chemical resistant polypropylene and clear polycarbonate housings that are pressure tested to 125 psi's. The electrodes and plates are made of 316 grade stainless steel, designed for underwater use, with a fused 12-volt water-safe power supply that safely runs the unit.

All systems come with:
1. A set of Operation Instructions.
2. All parts necessary to get started in minutes.
Our product was designed with simplicity in mind. It is very durable and will run, trouble free, for years.


We're so confident our ChargedforLife system will significantly improve your muscle pain, arthritis, flexibility and overall body health that we offer a full money back guarantee. If for any reason you feel the unit does not meet or exceed your expectations, simply return the unit to us within 60 days and we'll refund your full purchase price (less s&h), no questions asked.

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