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The™ BG-75L Browns Gas Generator

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The ChargedForLife BG-75L generates seventy five Liters (75L.) of Browns Gas per hour. A 300 watt electrolyzer, with a concentrated alkaline electrolyte is used to make Browns' Gas by adding an electrical charge to disassociated hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Electrolysis causes water to “fall apart.” The reformed mixture consisting of diatomic and monotonic hydrogen and oxygen plus electricity has been defined as Brown's Gas (BG), by George Wiseman, one of the worlds leading experts.

BG-75L (large)


Used in the treatment mode the ChargedforLife BG-75L Electrolyzer provides a continuous low pressure stream of Browns' Gas through a 12' x 3/16” clear hose. The Browns' Gas, which to patients feels cool to the touch. is scrubbed twice before application. One can spray the Browns' Gas on body parts, or joints or place the tube under the back and let the gas self distribute. Both direct and indirect treatment modes work because the end of the Browns' Gas out tube does not need to come in direct contact with the skin for absorption to occur.

BG-75L Browns Gas Generator

Organic, noninvasive, and topically applied Browns' Gas is about to replace prescription drugs, opioids, poly pharmacy, surgery, injections and even over the counter medications, as the preferred treatment for pain, inflammation, joint problems and many chronic diseases. Healers and health professionals alike have found topical spraying of Browns Gas (S. D. Kang US Patent App. US20100173008) to be instrumental in relieving symptoms of more than 39 different chronic diseases and maladies.


Healers compare the electrical component of Browns' Gas to Prana and Chi energy because the low level negative (-) charge matches that of cell energy. In a 30 minute treatment session topical application of Browns' Gas cancels pain signaling mechanisms and resolves arthritic inflammation around bones and joints. Organs and deep tissue may also be affected by a targeted low pressure spray.

Opposites attract! Direct skin absorption occurs. A observable blanket of Browns' Gas, attracted by the bodies' positive magnetic field, slowly covers the patient with a 6”-10” layer. Pockets of The Gas can also be observed forming clusters around problem areas.

Like Ginseng, Browns' Gas is an adaptagen, meaning that it self distributes and concentrates in and around the most inflamed areas of the body.. The electrical charge in the gas-- which is measured and tested in negative millivolts (- mV) with an analog volt ohmmeter set at a level that the13 Trillion cells in your body can use. This compatibility allows it to free performance by topping off the low level negative electrical charge in overtaxed organs and under charged cells.

Hydrogen and Oxygen are called the BUILDING BLOCKS OF LIFE. They are used in countless ways and are often times in short supply because (gasp, choke) some people do not drink enough water and are DEHYDRATED. More than 2 ½ POUNDS OF HYDROGEN and well over 60 OUNCES OF WATER are needed on a daily basis to properly HYDRATE the body. Todd Knudtston short definition “WATER PLUS ELECTRICITY EQUALS BROWNS' GAS” tersely states the obvious: All Browns' Gas components are non toxic, organically useful, readily accepted and HELP MEET THE BODIES MOST CRITICAL NEEDS. Any amount of Browns Gas is a healing agent.

Song Doug Kang's US Patent App. US201000173008 properly attributes most of the healing patients achieve by spraying Browns Gas on a wide range of body parts for a wide range of difficulties, to greatly improved HYDRATION.


Browns' Gas brings an entirely new, organic, noninvasive, topically applied healing technology to market but it is explosive and uniquely dangerous if compressed. One cubic foot of COMPRESSED Browns' Gas is equal to 21 pounds of TNT.

When working with Browns' gas it is critical to avoid concentrating or pressurizing it. Since it is safer to disperse Browns' Gas than pressurize it we eliminate gas shut off valves on the tubing that disperses the gas to avoid creating pressure inside the electrolyzer. With our technology Browns' Gas leaves the electrolyzer/ AT LOW PRESSURE, unobstructed. Continuous production allows a maximum amount of Browns Gas to flow in the treatment mode without creating any pressure. The electrolyzer is further protected with a stainless steel bubbler, flash back arrestor and pressure release valve.

The Electrolyzer uses a 15% Lye to 1 Liter of distilled water solution—called an electrolyte--to make Browns; Gas. Lye, (NaOH) , is highly alkaline in solution and will cause burns unless you wash with soap and water right away. Internally Lye it is a serious health hazard. Inhalation without a supplemental air pump and proper filtration is not recommended. It is dangerous when ingested or absorbed through the skin. To remove any trace of Lye from the Browns' Gas gas two (2) additional one liter bubblers scrub the gas before release. A pressure release valve, on top of the stainless bubbler, releases vacuum pressure, before shut off. A special order (Lye Proof) back flow check valve, with a 1/3 lb. cracking pressure setting, prevents tap water from contaminating the distilled water electrolyte inside the electrolyzer.


Under the right conditions experienced clinical operators have observed a thin aura like blanket of translucent, browns' gas, with a faint shimmer hovering above prone patients. A column of Browns' Gas can also be seen working its way back to the electolyzer suggesting that proximity may be of further benefit.


First called WATERGAS by Henry M. Paine in his 1884 Us Patent No. 308,276. William A. Rhodes Ph.D, discovered the gas in 1961and was granted US Pat. No. 3,262,872 in 1966. He also quantified most of the operating/engineering parameters of this gas. Ten years later in 1971 Yull Brown an Australian was granted US Pat. No. 4,014,777 that used this gas for welding. Yule Brown and his team of developers that included Todd Knudston and Andrew Michrowski, came up with many other uses for this gas. Watergas came to be called Browns Gas after Yull Brown.

Inverter George Wiseman, in the mid 1990's, at is credited with the first internet reference to the healing energy in Browns' Gas . In referring to water charged with Browns Gas by bubbling from his electrolyzer, Wiseman noted “a brief but mild energy surge shortly after drinking: not unlike that of the caffeine in strong coffee.” He also reported instant pain relief from simply rinsing joints with water charged with Brown's Gas or covering the joint with a wet cloth soaked in water that had Brown's Gas bubbled through it.

By 2004 our testing and experimenting with Browns Gas had lead to the award winning counter top charged water system found on our web site: ChargedforLife. That same year Don Cooper discovered that the electrical charge in water could be easily measured using a common analogue Volt/Ohm Meter or VOM set @ R x 10,000 [X10K].

Then along came the US Version of the Kang Patent Application of 2007. Revised in 1010 as US Pat. App. #20100173008 by a the Korean Song Doug Kang. Kang claimed remarkable improvement in patients who collectively had more than 39 chronic diseases and other maladies. Better hydration through Topical application of Huge amounts of browns gas was said to relieve pain and resolve deep pockets of inflammation which exist around joints, and in hard to reach places like organs and deep tissue. Song Doug Kang backed up the research with short case histories and several xrays.

Wiseman describes learning of the S. D. Kang results and hearing similar reports from practitioners using his high volume Browns' gas generator as he explains in his five healing energy videos which describe successful Browns Gas treatment of chronic conditions. As Browns' Gas history approaches modern time the Lang Brothers discover comes to an end when The Lang Brothers discover Therman Transfer principals [radient energy] and establish minimal treatment amount guidelines 75lph that even seemingly trivial amounts of Browns' Gas can transmit noticeable culcumulative effects in just a few days. The Lang Bros' made important discoveries concerning the thermocatalic are now making history by selling the first Browns Gas Generator designed for clinical use.along with the scrubbers and other safety

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