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Written by:  Bill Lang ~ 2009


 Masaru Emoto pioneered the technique of freezing water samples and then examining them under a microscope.  He has successfully focused the attention of the world on esoteric, mysterious and wonderous properties of water and the  importance of water quality to the future of mankind.



      Microscopic examination of the crystalline structure of the frozen water samples revealed a amazing levels of organized crystalline symmetry, very similar to what one might expect to find in snow flakes.

  2~CREAM COLOR~1                                         

     Masaru Emoto’s photographs revealed a joyful symmetry in pure water, an implicate structural potential that could be enhanced.  The higher the quality of the water, the greater the beauty of the organized, crystalline, symmetrical, structure.  Samples of water from polluted sources revealed a radical degeneration of the organized crystalline structures.


     Pure water is a beautiful “fluid crystal” poetry of motion and polluted water is ugly.  Pure water is supremely well ordered whilst polluted water is a chaos of motion.  In both cases this motion has been stopped by freezing and then photographed.

     To his credit Masaru Emoto immediately took this message in one of his first books:  The Secret of Water. (ISBN. 13: 987-1-58270-157-B) to the children of the world.



     An unintended consequence of Masaru Emoto’s work is that  it has political implications.  At a single glance the quality of the water photographed is instantly obvious:

4~NYC WATER et al

    If you think this might not really be very political try to get your local community college, water department or university to take a few nice photographs of your tap water.  It is a ‘hot potato’ and no politician will touch it, not without an axe to grind.   In the US today, the typical attitude about the public water supply is “business as usual.”  Scientists, politicians and entrenched special interest are not inclined to rock the boat.  However, as the above pictures indicate, there is room for improvement.

     Water quality is a public health issue.  Today the means to deliver very high quality water through municipal systems are available and affordable.  Twenty years of clinical research, chiefly from Japan, back this up.  It is in the public interest to advance and implement the technologies that enhance water quality.   If we really want pure water for ourselves, our children and grand children there is no sane reason not to have it.  

Here is a photograph of typical tap water:


Here is what this water could look like with a small investment, in current simple American break through SCALAR water purification technology:


     Now, which of these waters do you want to drink!  Which water do you want your children to drinking?  Which water do you want for your grandchildren?


     Masaru Emoto devised a simple, duplicatable methodology to access the quality of water: photographing frozen water crystals.  He did not stop there, nor did he retreat from drawing out the implications of his research.  The chief methods Masaru uses for improving water quality are love and prayer.  Love and prayer will turn dead water into living water and restore its symmetrical structure.  We suggest you visit his web site to find out just how he does this.  It is breathtaking.

7~GODDESS-1a                        “Love is the food of life.  The highest love

                          brings the highest life.  Only through love

                          can this life be won back.”

                                                            Hans Christian Anderson

     When individuals or groups focus their power of intention on highest good, when they focus on the highest, the sweetest and the best, they can restore people, places and things to health and vitality.  Even polluted water can be restored to its pristine state by this means.  This can be done instantly even at great distances. 


      An important point about this technology is that the fields that produce it, order the fluid crystal, are easy to scale up or down.  Especially exciting is the fact that there appear to be multiple was to do it.  Nicholas Tesla a term for this capability of field energy production.  The term is scalar. 

     Emotion is energy in motion.  Every emotion has a wave length.  Every wavelength has both frequency and amplitude.  Two emotions were found to have an especially powerful influence on water: love and gratitude!  These two bound together as two parts love and one part gratitude work the best on water.        

     Louis Pasture discovered an inverted crystalline structure in the back of wine casks.  This inversion may be the key to the function of intention and the part it plays in water.  It seems that when life force energy orders water the result is this fluid crystal inversion of the water molecule. 


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Written by:  Bill Lang ~ 2009




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