3 FEB 11

Hi Bill,

          Thanks for responding to my e-mail…I have been using distilled water with about 1/8th teaspoon of aluminum free baking soda. I have been making this water for about 3 years with amazing results.

I used to have bad allergies & now they are gone.

My skin is a lot softer, which means it must be some kind of super-hydrating water.

My wife who is type 1 diabetic, who also drinks the water had her weak eye get stronger, which never happens in diabetics. She also had a lot of moles on her back which are disappearing.

Spray it on your skin & wrinkles seem to disappear.

My gray hair is starting to turn dark again.

This water along with an energy mug that uses the earth’s natural energy saved my mother-in laws life. She is in a home & was down to 70 lbs, needed oxygen, had to have a pee-bag on, had congestive heart failure, could not hold her head up by herself, did not have any movement in her hands or toes & had a bed sore down to the bone, which usually kills people .The home called hospice in & thought she was going to die & we said she was not ready to die & started giving her the water which we take up a gallon a week, which we tell the home that it’s spring water.

She now weighs 101lbs, she does not need oxygen, does not need a pee-bag, does not have congested heart failure, can hold her head up by herself, can move her fingers & toes & the bed sore was completely healed in about 1 month.

I think this water is a miracle, which I can not find hardly anyone that is making this, then I found your site. …

Sorry this e-mail is so long, but I think this water is so fascinating.

                              Thanks for your time,


 5 FEB 11

Hi Bill,

          It is so great to finally communicate with someone who finally understands & believes in this simple technology! I take a quart size mason jar to work every day with this “hydrogen water” as I call it & everyone makes fun of me, but I just smile & drink away, of course they think it’s moon shine. This type of technology would put doctors out of work, such a pity .I forgot to tell you about my mom, she had her leg operated on for varicose veins, which left a big long brown spot on her leg which felt like leather & the doctor said there was nothing she could do to bring her skin back to life .She started spraying the charged water on it & now it’s soft & white just like new skin! I  guess we proved that doctor wrong.

… As for using the energy mug in combination with the charged water, what I did was charged some water & then put it in the energy mug, which is not available anymore, but now I use scalar energy products which are stronger & better. I don’t know if you ever heard of scalar energy or experimented with it before, but it also has some amazing results which could put the poor doctors out of business.


If the home new what kind of water we were providing for my mother-in law they would say that we would have to have a prescription for it! What a joke, it’s just water.

…So you are the famous Bill Lang that Ozzie talks about in the manual. It is an honor to talk with you. How many years (ago) did you come up with this amazing idea? …

It was great hearing from you in such short time.

Thanks & have a great Browns gas day!


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