The ChargedforLife™ drinking water system!

It puts the life back into tap water!
Designed for use at home, work, on-the-go, anywhere...

For a limited time, only $199.00!

Our system puts life force energy back into water, just like the Japanese 'Kangen' type systems which cost over $4,000.00. Current research indicates that the proper amount of water to drink every day, to keep the body properly hydrated is 1/2 your body weight, in ounces. Drinking ChargedforLife water is the fastest way to raise the pH of the body into a proper range. It is much faster than dietary changes, though dietary changes are also suggested.

Through a proprietary charging and delivery mechanism, for the first time EVER, ChargedforLife brings the technology of the famed Japanese 'Kangen' and Korean systems into homes at a previously unheard of price. [compare]

Our system won best new invention (for innovation, ease of use and effectiveness) at the 2009 HHO Games, in Bradenton FL and though it has a wide range of applications, we've grouped the major health benefits into...

ChargedforLife Five A's
ChargedforLife Aerobic
Our system produces abundant levels of stable oxygen, which functions as a significant energy source and reaches the brain, organs and tissue much faster than normal oxygen (which must travel from the lungs to the heart, and then, through the vascular structure, back to organs, tissue and cells). Stable oxygen provides us with mental alertness and is invigorating and energizing to the body.
ChargedforLife Antioxidant
ChargedforLife water is converted by electrolysis into a "free radical scavenger", which neutralizes free radicals by electron pairing. The measurable electrical properties (ORP) of the antioxidant ions in charged water are many times higher than any food or nutritional supplement on the market. The antioxidant density of charged water is actually hundreds of times greater than the antioxidant carrying capacity of any food, including Kale, the darkest of green vegetables.
ChargedforLife Antibacterial
The particular oxygen configuration (monotomic) in our drinking water is able to quickly reach all organs and tissues and help purge the digestive tract of harmful bacteria. The smaller restructured oxygen atoms are electron thieves, able to roam the body selectively, stealing positive electrons from harmful bacteria, killing (oxidizing) them and aiding in cellular metabolism.
ChargedforLife Alkalinity
ChargedforLife increases the alkalinity in tap water from 7.2 to about 8.5. Although this change seems small, balancing your pH on a daily basis becomes easier in just a few weeks. For the full health benefits of alkaline water, you must drink several glasses of charged water per day. Our water has an abundance of hydroxyl (OH-) ions - these negative ions increase bicarbonate buffers in the blood, balancing the body's pH by neutralizing and excreting acids and toxins, boosting your defenses and immune system.
ChargedforLife Absorption
Our electrolyzed water molecules are absorbed by the body six times faster than ordinary tap water. In addition, they are reduced in size (from diatomic to monatomic) by more than fifty percent. Smaller hydrogen and oxygen atoms (HHO) have a greater ability to penetrate cell membranes, enhancing tissue repair and waste removal. Adequate hydration - drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water daily - is simplified because you can drink the water anytime for up to five days after charging. The results you get are related directly to the volume of water consumed. With charged water you are increasing the body's hydration rate by over 6-fold, energizing, hydrating and detoxing simultaneously, ultimately aiding all cellular functions.


In Japan, hospitals and clinics have used purified, electrically restructured, hexagonal, ionized, alkaline water known as 'Kangen' Water, for over 30 years to treat a number of disease conditions. According to peer reviewed scientific studies that have been performed in well respected universities and hospitals around the world, (see drinking 'Kangen' water can:

Dr. Hiromi Shinya, world renowned colon specialist and the pioneer of modern colonoscopic techniques has been quoted as saying that 90 percent of body ailments and diseases originate in the acidic and dirty colon. While there is nothing better than pure water to cleanse the colon, ordinary tap and even bottled water are not as pure as you might think.

Sponging ChargedforLife water onto the skin has been found to be very effective in relieving sore joint pain, in promoting rapid healing of skin tissue when bruised, cut or blemished. In general, healing time is cut in half!


Each ChargedforLife system is made from chemical resistant polypropylene and clear polycarbonate housings that are pressure tested to 125 psi's. The electrodes and plates are made of 316 grade stainless steel, designed for underwater use, with a fused 12-volt water-safe power supply that safely runs the unit.

All systems come with:
1. A set of Operation Instructions.
2. All parts necessary to get started in minutes.
Our product was designed with simplicity in mind. It is very durable and will run, trouble free, for years.


We're so confident our ChargedforLife system will significantly improve your health and clarity that we offer a full money back guarantee. If for any reason you feel the kit does not meet or exceed your expectations, simply return the unit to us within 60 days and we'll refund your full purchase price (less s&h), no questions asked.

Questions? Contact us anytime.