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The ChargedforLife Brown's Gas Healing Energy Generator

Experience the full healing power of Brown's Gas
Designed for therapeutic and home use, at work or on-the-go...

For a limited time, only $2,750.00!

The ChargedforLife Brown's Gas Healing Energy Generator is a novel electrolyzer that uses distilled water, electricity and Lye (NaCl) as its electrolyte. It produces over 100 Liters of Brown's gas per hour and may be operated for up to 30 minutes at a time - in clinical situations - without overheating. A 2-hour cooling off period is required after each 30 min. operating cycle and it is necessary to add a few ounces of water but NO ELECTROLYTE for the next use.


The device is not a welding torch. This Healing Energy Generator (also called The Rubicon) has been developed as a clinical and healing device. For safety purposes, we never pressurize the gas. Instead, it is sent through a bubbler (for flash back protection) and then sprayed directly on the patient's skin for absorption.

The Rubicon has MANY safety features that are not found on traditional welding machines. For instance, we include a 30-minute timer, a RED illuminated EMERGENCY SHUT OFF SWITCH and a FLOAT SWITCH which shuts off the 110 AC power when the water level is low. The unit is further protected by A GREEN illuminated EMERGENCY SHUT OFF SWITCH and A 5 AMP FUSE on the 12 Volt side to prevent over-heating.

ANALOG TEMPERATURE, AMP, AND VOLT METERS are provided so that a person with appropriate training can safely monitor and control all aspects of the machine's operation. The unit is connected to the house ground through a GFI CIRCUIT and its own 9', 12 Gauge HEAVY DUTY CORD. A Vacuum Pump and SHRADER (Air) VALVE have also been included along with a combined Vacuum and Pressure Gauge so these variables can be checked from time to time.


Each ChargedforLife Brown's Gas Healing Energy Generator is made from chemical resistant polypropylene and clear polycarbonate housings that are pressure tested to 125 PSI. The electrodes and plates are made of 316 grade stainless steel, designed for underwater use, with a fused 12-volt water-safe power supply that safely runs the unit.

All systems come with:
1. A set of Operating Instructions, training materials and an educational CD
2. All parts necessary to get started in minutes.
Our product was designed with simplicity in mind. It is very durable and will run, trouble-free, for years.

Parts List:

  • 1 ER 50 Brown's Gas Generator
  • 1 1/2" Mounting Board 36"x18"x10" w/ carry handle
  • 1 Bubbler for filtration and back flash protection
  • 4 1/4" Clear Hose for Brown's Gas delivery and dispersion
  • 1 Vacuum generator—for leak testing
  • 1 Shrader Valve to Hose Spade Connector—for pressure testing
  • 2 Anode and cathode—Boot Protectors
  • Electronic: 110 AC-Alternating Current@20Volts. Front. L-R
  • 1 110AC 30 Minute Timer Switch—Controls 110AC
  • 1 110AC Lighted Red on-off Switch—Safety Control
  • 1 110AC Ammeter—Direction + amount of current flow
  • 1 110AC Relay Switch-from Float Switch to Bridge Rect.
  • 1 110ACFloat Switch—Monitors Water Level—Safety Control
  • 1 110AC 12 Gauge, 9' Blue Electrical Cord w/ grounded plug
  • 1 110AC GFI Plug—prevents shock-connects to house ground
  • 1 110AC Bridge Rectifier - changes 110AC to 12v DC
  • 3 110AC Capacitors—Boosts DC Power to 900V to make BG
  • 1 12V.DC Lighted Orange Polarity Switch --extends unit life
  • 1 12V.DC Ammeter --Brown's Gas Requires Low (1-3) Amps.
  • 1 12V.DC Volt Meter. Brown's Gas Requires 3.2 V.
  • 1 12V.DC Lighted Green Paddle Switch—12V. Power shut off
  • 1 12V.DC 3AMP Automotive Fuse—Controls 12V.DC
  • 14 Blue Wiring Box Covers
  • 1 White Capacitor Cover
  • 1 Air Pump (to push Brown's Gas)
  • 12 16 Gauge 12V wire-5 colors
  • 5 12 Gauge 110AC wire-3 colors
  • 150 small, clinical-grade parts too numerous to mention


We're so confident our ChargedforLife Brown's Gas Healing Energy Generator will significantly improve your health that we offer a full money back guarantee. If for any reason you feel the kit does not meet or exceed your expectations, simply return the unit to us within 60 days and we'll refund your full purchase price (less s&h), no questions asked.

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