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The New ChargedforLife™ Whole Building Charged Water System!

The simplest and easiest way to improve your ENTIRE body's health with our charged water!

With this latest breakthrough product from the Lang Brothers, now you can instantly infuse your entire home or building with rejuvenating and health-promoting charged water. The ChargedforLife Whole Building Charging System restores the quality of regular tap water by adding life force energy to your water supply. This scalar life force energy (ECW: Electrolyzed Charged Water) will not only have your body and skin feeling better after just a few usages (by drinking your newly enriched tap water, bathing, etc), but it's completely and exquisitely GREEN at every level with no chemicals of any kind being used!

Charged for Life Home Charging System


This is new, US Patent Pending, proprietary water treatment technology (US 2010/0147232 A1). This system delivers delicious tasting water anywhere in a home, building or complex of buildings, on demand and as needed. This water charging system, invented by the Lang Brothers, is a radical and necessary innovation in the restoration of water quality in the US and abroad. The simple green, scalar, system is far more advanced than any water quality improvement technology available anywhere in the world and it has been invented and made in the USA!

This system transforms ordinary tap water by removing chemicals, contaminants, heavy metals, plastics, odors, pharmaceuticals and micro-particles. The quality of water is determined by how it tastes to us. The flavor of water, its taste, its smell and how it feels in the mouth; that's what makes up good quality water.

This system makes the best water you have ever tasted, on demand from ordinary tap water. Many of the substances it removes were previously thought to be all but impossible to extract. As the system charges, it infuses all the water used in a building with high levels of concentrated, green, scalar, healing, life force energy. Further, it attacks and removes substances usually found in water that do not support or promote life. When water stops flowing through the water pipes, the system automatically shuts itself off. Every water outlet in and around the building will have the same high quality water: this includes all sinks and faucets, bath tubs, showers, toilets, hoses, hose bibs and so forth. This system completely transforms the quality of ordinary tap water and it's simply amazing what our enriched water does for the body and for skin, hair and nails.

Charged for Life Industrial/Commercial Charging System


It is important to understand that our Electrolyzed Charged Water (ECW) system is not a simple Kangen type water ionizer system that uses a dual ducted electrolyzer to make Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW). Many of these systems use a lot of electricity and may even make Oxygen Hydroxide. The power supplied to such systems may exceed the functional normative standards set by Hidemitsu Hayashi and Senetaka Shirahata in their ground breaking ERW (Electrolyzed Reduced Water) studies. The water they produced cannot hold or sustain the bare maximum negative life forced energy charge associated with the healing effects of scalar life force energy and must be used immediately.


Two versions of our ECW (Electrolyzed Charged Water) system are available:
Version A: The Whole House System uses CPVC piping and connections with brass valves and nipples. This system is suggested for household use. This system sells for $900.00 US, plus shipping and handling.

Version B: The Whole Building System uses the new Sharks Tooth Brass connections with brass valves, nipples and copper piping. This system meets or exceeds industrial and commercial standards and is suggested for industrial, commercial and institutional use. This system sells for $1,600.00 US, plus shipping and handling.


Our systems work by electrolyzing and filtering the water supply as it flows through the building's water system. A small, single ducted electrolyzer, powered by a low voltage DC transformer provides the electrical power to the unit.

The electrical power to the unit is amplified by increasing the force of magnetic fields. The electroyzer makes scalar life force energy and mixes it into the water supply. The life force energy supplied to this unit is both electrical and magnetic. These two energies, in the Theta wave band, transform the quality of ordinary tap water. How these scalar energies work together is explained in greater detail on our blog [ go there » ].

The proprietary technology used in this unit makes and acquires scalar energy as needed to match the demand for water in GPM (Gallons Per Minute) as it flows through the system, independent of the size of the building or complex. All the water gets charged in the same way and to same degree. It does not matter what the flow rate is. It could be 10 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) or 10,000 GPM! This is a new form of Nicholas Tesla's Scalar technology applied to water!

Charged for Life House System

The ChargedforLife units have a special high tech flow switch that turns the on the unit when water starts flowing through the system and turns it off when the flow stops. The units can be used anywhere in the world as they can be operated using 110 Volt AC, 220 Volt AC or 12 Volt DC power. For remote locations, a solar-powered option is available.


All the 16 trillion cells in the body have to maintain a specific negative electrical charge of around -100 mV (millivolts) . Aging, toxins in the water, pollution in the environment and an unhealthy diet, all contribute to a condition that leads to the cells in the body being unable to maintain the necessary negative electrical charge needed for survival. The single most effective way to recharge the cells in the body is to drink Charged Water with scalar life force energy in it. Drinking Electrolyzed Charged Water (ECW) not only re-charges the cells of the body it also flushes out the toxins that damage cells.

All the cells in the body have a crystalline lattice structure which stores life force energy. Similar fluid crystal structures in the spaces between the cells, called the collagen network, also store and conduct life force energy.

The easiest and fastest way to store scalar life force energy is to put it in water and then drink the water. The ChargedforLife ECW (Electrolyzed Charged Water) system actually recharges all the cells in the body just by drinking the water.

As the cells, fluids and organs of the body recharge with Life Force Energy from the ECW (Electrolyzed Charged Water) they discharge the stored toxins they were unable to cope with in a weakened state. The health give effects of drinking Charged Water are an immediate, noticeable and measurable improvement in overall health.

Cancer cells register in the -15 mV/Ga (millivolt/Gauss) range.
Healing cells register in the -50 mV/Ga (millivolt/Gauss) range
Healthy cells register in the -70 to -100 mV/Ga (millivolt/Gauss) range

Many conditions heretofore thought to be intractable are benefitted greatly simply by drinking this charged water with scalar life forced energy in it.


All living things, including plants and crops, depend on water to maintain life. The higher the quality of the water they use, the more they thrive. It's that simple.



With the advent of this new, affordable, scalar water quality improvement technology by the Lang Brothers it quickly become apparent that these systems offers a competitive advantage to a wide range of businesses. Perhaps for the first time, with scalar technology of this type, this competitive advantage lies in the court of the folks who want to go Green! In the case of drinking water, public perception and corporate interest will coincide and supports this paradigm shift, producing a great benefit to the public good. Troublesome, Neolithic, obsolete water treatment systems may quickly be replaced by truly effective scalar equipment. Whale oil fueled lamps went out of style when kerosene was first refined in Penn. Today you cannot give an old style computer monitor away as they have been replaced by flat screen technology.

Heretofore the costs to improve water quality were thought to be prohibitive and the excuse for not taking action was that such measures were sure to be too costly. All bets are off now for this excuse to take no action. Green, scalar, water technology turns a profit and improves the bottom line. It stands up to even the most demanding ROI or Cost Benefit Analysis. It is about to become readily apparent that major corporations will have to play this game. Scalar technologies of the ECW type are widely, disproportionately and exponentially effective.

The same simple scalar technologies we use to improve the quality of our drinking water can also be deployed in the service industry for cleaning surfaces without the use of chemicals. ECW will disinfect areas and equipment for the health care industry. ECW treated water, used in swimming pools cuts operating cost in half.

The same systems currently in use in households can be deployed in large hotels, or can be used in any industrial/commercial application with all the same benefits and advantages. All that is required is a few small changes to the existing plumbing system. Water supplied at 10 GPM or 10,000 GPM, it is all the same with this advanced ECW scalar technology. The sensible question to ask is can anyone or any company afford not to deploy this ECW scalar technology.


Many Whole House Water Systems require expensive and frequent maintenance. This is not the case with our system. We suggest changing the two filters in the system every 1 to 2 years, depending on the operating environment. The filters can be purchased at major outlets like Home Depot or Lowes. The simple plumbing by-pass diagram which comes with the system allows for filter change out without shutting down the main water supply to the home or building.

Each system comes with:
1. A set of Operating Instructions.
2. All parts necessary to get started in minutes.
As with all our products, our House/Building Systems were designed with simplicity in mind. They are very durable and will run, trouble free, for years.


We're so confident our ChargedforLife House or Building system will significantly improve muscle pain, arthritis, flexibility and overall body health that we offer a full money back guarantee. If for any reason you feel the unit does not meet or exceed your expectations, simply return the unit to us within 60 days and we'll refund your full purchase price (less s&h), no questions asked.

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