How it Works

The precursor to the electrolysis process that we use to produce ChargedforLife water was originally isolated by Heidemitsu Hayashi and Prof. Sirahata when Wunderwasser, deep within Nordenau Germany was sent to Japan for analysis about 25 years ago. Their subsequent analysis of this water led to the introduction, in the US and Japan of the Kangen Type Water System™, which has been widely linked to a reversal in aging and numerous other health benefits. A result of years of R&D, our propretiary process uses far simpler, equally effective technology that yields identical results. The Kangen / Jupiter type systems retail in the thousands of dollars, while ours is affordably priced at just $199, with a no-questions asked, 60-day money back guarantee. Read on for a more detailed introduction into how and why our kit works (NO other ionized or charged water manufacturer has been or will be this open about their technology)...


We all know about magnetism and magnetic fields, as well as, opposite attraction. Our electrolyzer uses these familiar forces thru electrolysis (the passing of an electric current thru two electrodes), generating strong magnetic fields. The magnetic fields break water's weak covalent bond disassociating the two hydrogen atoms from the oxygen atom:


Disassociation changes the diatomic water molecule into monatomic hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The new hydrogen and oxygen atoms are 50% smaller than the same atoms in tap water and six times easier to absorb. This change vastly improves hydration and waste transport, throughout the body, down to the cellular level.


Within the Charging Unit, very small disassociated bubbles of hydrogen and oxygen can be seen attaching to the electrodes, dislodging each other and rising to the surface they recombine, in monatomic form as Brown's Gas or HHO. The bubbles then travel to the Receiving Container, converting your tap or bottled water into healthy, ionized ChargedforLife water.

TRANSFORMATION (source of antibacterial properties)

The cathode has transformed half the hydrogen molecule into an antioxidant by adding a passenger electron (reduction). The anode transforms oxygen into an electron thief that steals electrons (oxidation) from bacteria, subsequently disrupting their cell wall and killing them.


One water molecule, expressed with the chemical symbol H20, consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Standing alone, the hydrogen atom contains one positive proton at its core, with one negative electron revolving around it. Electrolysis - the use of an electric current to bring about a chemical reation - fractures (ionizes) the diatomic hydrogen atom into two monatomic ions: H+ & OH-.

When hydrogen fractures its negative or passenger electron it jumps to the OH- ion, turning it into an antioxidant scavenger able to roam the body neutralizing free radicals by electron pairing. The result is an antioxidant concentration in charged water that is many times higher than any food or nutritional supplement on the market, including Kale, the darkest of green vegetables.

Free radicals are unstable due to a single set of unpaired electrons. Before they enter a healthy cell they can be stabilized by electron pairing. In this process, the antioxidant scavenger donates its passenger electron to the free radical. This balances the electrical charge and negates the free radical's ability to cause harm inside the healhty cell. In the process, the free radical is transformed into a unique, instantly absorbed energy source called stable oxygen.

Stable Oxygen is a nonreactive oxygen molecule with evenly paired electrons (ie, no electrical charge). It provides us with mental alertness and is invigoration and energizing to the body. It is a bioavailable energy source because it has no charge and it assumes a reduced (monatomic) size. This allows it to be absorbed directly into the blood stream (bioavailability), increasing your blood oxygenation, aerobic capacity and body's energy level.

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