ChargedforLife™ Testimonials

We'd like to thank all of you who've taken the time to submit your success story. Below are just a few examples of the health-promoting and rehabilitative properties of ChargedforLife water (we learn of a new benefit almost monthly!). We'd love to hear your story - please share your experience or give us a call.

Four years ago I had two stints placed in my LAD or left anterior decending artery. So I had circulatory problems and the associated medications. Also I was diagnosed with an advanced, aggressive prostate cancer, with a high Gleason Score and PSA count. To my mind the treatment options were not especially promising so I decided to try making and drinking charged water.

With the LAD it was a case of keeping the arterey clean and clear, so it did not clog up again. With the prostate I was looking for an non-invasive procedure, as my father died from prostate cancer and I had seen the results of state of the art treatments I was being offered. I chose the hormone Treatment as a stop gap measure, knowing that it had limited duration effectiveness. In other words it works for about two years and then it stops working. At that point the cancer qoes out of control and the patient dies. I started the hormone treatment and drinking the charged water at about the same time. I waited until my PSA dropped from 11 down to 2.0 and then asked that the hormone treatment (estrogen) be terminated. I was universally informed that this was a very bad idea. As a compromise I waited until my PSA dropped down to 1.0 and then requested that the hormone Tx be terminated. The PSA monitoring continued till it dropped below 0.01 and I was discharged from any further treatment. All in all, it took about one year. I have not had any problems since then. No prostate problems, no heart problems either.

On various occasions I attempted to link the dramatic decline of the PSA tests, at least in part, to the charged water I was drinking. This was roundly dismissed as an impossibility. The dramatic improvement was medically linked to good luck. After all what would I know about it! I am just the patient. The fact that the patient devised a way assist in his own treatment was not a significant factor in the patients good luck.

- Bill Lang, Clearwater, FL.
I started drinking the charged water after doing some research on the Kangen water system. After drinking the water I noticed that I had a much higher energy level, my eyes were brighter, my complexion smoother and I lost weight too. I am very pleased with the results. Drinking the charged water put a bounce back into my step.
- Mary M., Largo, FL
My wife is a distributor for health food stores. We are very diet conscious and do our best to make healthy food choices. In spite of our effort in this arena I have had irritable bowel syndrome for more than 15 years. I am 42 now.

I have sought out numerous medical practitioners and specialists throughout this time but the problem continued in spite of the variety of treatments and medications that I tried. Just as I reached the point where I began to accept that I might suffer from this affliction for the rest of my life I discovered chargedforlife drinking water. I got fast results. Within about a week I noticed improvement. I drank at least eight 12oz glasses of water every day. At the end of the two months all my symptoms had disappeared.

- Bob D., San Diego, CA
Ever since I tasted electrolyzed water at the Feb. 7-9 HHO Winter Games, I've been hoping to have one of my own at home. Now I do, and I'm happy to tell you that it is great stuff! I had a water hydrogenator that raises the pH, or alkalinity, of the water, which in turn reduces the natural and food-borne acids that can produce things like gout and heartburn. I went to bed with a very happy stomach for the first time in a while! It has a rich full taste - as though the water we usually drink were thin or weak, and this is how it is supposed to taste. Unlike some water, there's no grit, and a guest who had a throat problem remarked that it felt much better than the stuff he usually drinks.
- Joe Shea, HHO Games & Exposition
I recently suffered a 2nd. degree burn to the underside of my right arm in a kitchen accident. I cleaned the wound daily with ChargedforLife water and observed that it healed twice as fast as normal. This and the noticeable improvement to my general health and the color of my skin led me to urge all my health aware friends to try ChargedforLife water.
- Frank K. Busby, AZ
I have been drinking Charged for Life water for about two months. When I see people that I have not seen for a while they invariably commnet on how good my skin looks. My skin color has improved a lot. It has better tone and I have definitely lost some wrinkles.
- Celia L., Nashville, TN